Traditional Naturopaths:  How We Approach Healthy Living

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When you’re recovering from an illness and want all the support you can get, eating the right foods is a big step in the right direction. My clients frequently want to know what they should and should not eat to stay healthy. Even when you are in great health, an optimal diet helps you stay that way. Read more…


natural-health-sciences-arizona-coffee-enema-bookThe Use of Coffee Enemas in Natural Cleansing

Coffee enemas are a cheap and effective way to cleanse the liver. The caffeine slowly absorbs from the colon into the portal vein system and then stimulates the liver to dump fat soluble biotoxins, chemicals and heavy metals into the bowel for elimination. It is cheap and highly effective. Coffee enemas are not a bowel cleansing therapy, they are for stimulating a sluggish and toxic liver. Want to learn more? Please check out my new Kindle book!! Click on the image….



Autism and Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are both common terms for a group of complex disorders of brain development. These disorders are all categorized, in different degrees, by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication, and repetitive behaviors. Typically there is a rapid onset of symptoms in a child that had been normally developing. Read More…

Learn more about Lyme disease…

Lyme disease is becoming an increasing concern for many Americans. In the strict definition of the disease, it is a condition that is transmitted by a deer tick. If one gets on antibiotics right away they are cured; if they delay they will probably get a more chronic condition that can involve joints, neurological problems, and various other symptoms that will be harder to cure and will require long term courses of antibiotics. Read more…

NHSOA-oil pulling- faceOil Pulling: What is oil pulling therapy?

Oil pulling has been around for many centuries and has its roots in Indian Ayurveda. It involves a very simple process of putting oil in the mouth and swishing. Oil pulling has been known by other names such as “swish and spit”. How can putting a little oil into your mouth and swishing affect health in such a powerful way? Read more…

NHSOA-mercury-element-small-picHeavy metals: an ever increasing threat in our modern world…

Heavy metal poisoning: ever heard of it? You probably have heard little about it if you get most of your info from the main stream media. It’s true that some news reports do air on the subject, but overall this subject is ignored in favor of updates on the latest celebrity sex tape. This is unfortunate. Read more…


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The principle of this natural therapy is that as the client sits in the sauna, the steam opens their pores and they then absorb therapeutic amounts of pure ozone through their skin and the ozone oxidizes toxic metals and chemicals and converts them into a more water soluble form so that they can be sweated out more easily, or eliminated through the liver and kidneys.  Read more…

Natural Wellness…or the Lack Thereof!!

We live in a modern society that is increasingly disconnected from nature. Let’s face it, can anyone really deny that the health of most Americans seems to be in steady decline? As a traditional naturopath, I understand that people just like yourself are urgently searching the Internet looking for answers. We want to know how to overcome emerging new chronic health problems like Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and other diseases that respond poorly to conventional medicine.

You Want to Feel Better

Perhaps you are on this site because you need to feel better! Or maybe you just need  more energy to continue shouldering your responsibilities, and are determined to accomplish this through an organic diet, healthy living, without building a dependency on prescription or illicit drugs. Maybe you are already one of those better informed, health conscious people who is tired of being forced into the unhealthy lifestyle that many Americans are living. You get the point that eating good quality organic food, exercising, getting enough rest, and living a more natural lifestyle in general leads to feeling great! Perhaps you also want to learn more about natural detox or oxygen therapies and how things like these can help you achieve optimum personal health as well.

Quick Fixes Don’t Work

Are there simple solutions to complex problems? No….not normally. But the media can be confusing. After reading a few ads for multi-level natural supplements, miracle waters and other gadgets touted to cure all your ailments, you might think it’s done with little effort on your part. The allure of a pill or a quick fix is misleading. It encourages us to continue abusing our bodies in the lifestyle to which we are accustomed. Once the initial excitement of the instant gratification wears off, we are left with a startling realization. We still feel unwell or have a chronic health problem remaining. Why is that?

Health Problems are Complex

There are rarely simple solutions to complex problems.  Health problems are, by their very nature, complex. They are often brought about by a web of interlinking negative factors that typically take place over a long period of time. Eventually the body simply can’t cope any longer and starts breaking down.

Your Body Leans Toward Wellness

The good news is that health is a force of nature! Your body wants to be well and it knows how to get there. The human body has a natural innate tendency to heal itself. Quite often individuals born with poor health have rebounded to excellent health early on because they were forced to learn healthy living. On the other hand, someone born with health typically has to do a lot of negative, unnatural things to their body in order to overcome this innate healing capacity and end up chronically ill.

Environmental Toxins Affect Your Health

Does it mean that if your health is failing you did it to yourself? Yes…oftentimes this is true. But don’t blame yourself too much! The reality is that our modern lifestyle and pace at which we live has made it very easy to fall into the unhealthy rut. It leads adults, as well as the oncoming generation of children to illness earlier and earlier on in life. For instance, the processed diet we eat, coupled with increased exposure to a variety of environmental chemicals and toxic heavy metals in the air, food, and water is taking a toll. (Let’s not even talk about the hostile takeover of our staple foods by GMO seed companies!)

It can take a strong work ethic and some real determination to rebel against this bizarre status quo. And that’s precisely what the increasingly unhealthy American lifestyle is  – a bizarre status quo that we’ve all been told is normal. By gaining a deeper understanding of this problem and how we got here, we have taken an important step toward regaining our health.

Taking Back Control of Your Health 

So, here you are….looking for answers! To clarify something: there are plenty of people working in the natural health field who make dogmatic pronouncements, yet have little training and experience. They will be more than happy to lead you down a primrose path!  You have to be smart about choosing what natural interventions to use. If someone claims to have all the answers, your alarm bells should go off.  An effective natural health practitioner does not claim to have all the answers.

Fortunately, in order to recover from a variety of health issues you’re not required to have all the answers. You need to have a confident direction and your body will do the rest.  The responsibility of a traditional naturopath is to provide some guidance on how to methodically unload your body from the unnatural burdens that forced it into a “cope” situation. We assist by giving your body’s innate healing force an opportunity to kick in. (Read some of the client stories on the page “What our clients are saying”.) Basically, you are going to heal yourself. We are just here to point you toward the options and solutions available.

Solutions for Natural Health

These solutions can logically be divided into two categories. The first is healthy lifestyle changes. I had a talented young artist friend of mine illustrate this in the slideshow above. To support natural therapies in creating long term, positive health changes you must be willing to do the following:

  • change unhealthy eating habits and maintain a healthy weight

  • get reasonable amounts of exercise based on your current ability

  • go to bed at night and have a good pattern of sleep hygiene

    And…….last but not least, work on changing unhealthy thinking patterns and harmful addictions

Remember the approach discussed earlier – “Give me a pill so I can continue to abuse my body how I please.” We can get caught up in using this approach with natural pills as well as pharmaceuticals. Not a good plan!  Determining what decisions constitute living a healthy lifestyle is normally a common sense thing.  Product advertisements can be conflicting and confusing. We give you valid information on these subjects specific to your needs.  We direct you toward published books and articles; information that has proven helpful for others on their journey toward health.

Individualized Natural Therapies

The second category of natural solutions to chronic health challenges covers specific, individualized natural therapies.  (To learn more about these and anti-aging techniques, browse the additional pages of this site.) As crucially important as living a healthy lifestyle is, sometimes after an illness has developed lifestyle isn’t enough. You may need good natural medicine to go along with it. These are not medical prescriptions; these are natural therapies that you, as an American, have the freedom to choose to use on your own body. Neither are they “cookie cutter” natural protocols, since no client has ever been given the exact same recommendations…and never will! The recommendations made are for highly individualized natural therapies, tailored to suit your needs. We find over and over again that this approach brings the best feedback and reports of positive results.

The ASYRA Electro-Dermal Screening tool used in our office is a non-invasive, type 2 FDA approved device that allows an energetic evaluation to be performed. It allows individualized recommendations to be given. These are not diagnoses of diseases, or prescriptions for treatment. By and large most clients that come to us already have several diagnoses and as described above, they are looking for alternatives.

Complementary Natural Alternatives Combined with Conventional Medicine = Success!

The debate over the benefits of natural healing strategies vs. medical intervention has been going on for decades. We support the best of both worlds. What matters to us is that you achieve your personal health goals. We encourage you to continue with regular medical check-ups, blood work, and medical lab test screenings for serious diseases. All of us at NHS of Az do. Conventional medicine excels in many areas so use it!  By all means, if you are having a medical emergency, please call 9-1-1.  On your journey to better health, there is room to for both sound medical care and the types of supporting 100% natural therapies that a traditional naturopath can offer – you deserve the best of both!